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national treasure“What’s in it for me?”

Lots.  But a good bit of it is intangible, and you have to have magic spectacles. Remember those from the Nicolas Cage movie “National Treasure”? 

In the story, 19th century eyeglasses were part of the arcane trail of hidden and cryptic messages that were supposed to lead to a huge cache of gold.  But you could only see the clues in the map with the special glasses.

With WoVO, you won’t find the answer to “what’s in it for me?” without the special glasses that help you see how your part in the community helps the whole.  The filter is altruism.

So, yes there are some perks, and some discounts & associations that offer marginal financial savings, but unless you have a heart for helping the greater community at large –as one of the cogs in the mechanism — you won’t see “what’s in it for me?”

Wanna see what goes on behind the scenes?  Check out the online .pdf that summarizes the actions, plans, and decisions of the executive board in our February meeting.  One WoVO member who read it said:  “…I just read the WoVo EB Feb 2015 recap for newsletter, and again, “Wow!”  There is an incredible amount of work going on here being done by unpaid volunteers who have committed to raising the bar in our industry…”

You can read it here.

Joined yet?  See our new website to apply:  http://www.worldvo.org.




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  1. Susan Manhire

    I just read the WoVo minutes of your February meeting. I agree totally with the “WOW” comment someone made! I would add that it occurred to me while reading that you wonderful, dedicated volunteers are running WoVo much like we try to run our households….working together for a common goal, doing what is best for the entire family, using money wisely, and being a place of encouragement while also maintaining standards, rules, and regulations. Thank you all for your hard work! I look forward to jumping in and working along side of you in the near future! Best Regards, Susan


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