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by | Feb 6, 2015 | Politics | 3 comments

netneutralityThe debate over Net-Neutrality may have escaped  you thus far.  Or perhaps it’s at the periphery of your view.

Or maybe you have strong feelings one way or the other about it.  I do…and those feelings are just about perfectly summarized by James Alburger in a posting you can read here.

Please do so.  This issue affects you as a voice-actor. 

Jim’s posting is not just information, but a call to action.  No matter how you feel on this issue, please care enough to let your thoughts be known.

Thanks, Jim!




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  1. Joel Richards

    Respectfully Dave I think you and Jim are spreading some false information here. Title II and net neutrality (two linked but not identical issues) are NOT new government regulation. Title II has been around for a long time and many different telecom services are handled differently. There is existing precedent for Wheeler’s position.

    As voice over artists who depend on solid, fast, UPSTREAM and downstream broadband we should welcome these changes. I would rather that we had a more competitive marketplace (and maybe you live in such a marketplace, most Americans don’t) but since that hasn’t happened, and the ISP industry has actively fought against it, this regulation is necessary to protect the level of access we need to stay relevant.

    As someone so up on current telecom tech I’d gently suggest you should do more research into this area.

    • CourVO

      Thanks, Joel…

      I’m good where I’m at on this issue, and I certainly respect your position as well. It’s mostly out of our hands, regardless. Living in a state where 93% of the land is owned by the federal government, I’m quite used to “public input” meetings and invitations for public comment that are ceremonial at best, and usually disregarded. Wheeler pretty much threw his weight behind his current decision during his visit here to Vegas for CES. He’s a decision man. Someone who sees rights and wrongs, not compromise.

      The truth is in the middle somewhere, especially throwing partisan positions against new paradigms of technology and sensibilities of free speech. I can see both sides of this long and vociferous argument. On the one hand, I bristle at increased government control and it’s current determination to meddle in the free enterprise system and capitalism. But those corporate behemoths often have shown little willingness to self-regulate, and can be very high-handed in service of stockholders. Little guys lose.

      My guess is that over the next 20 years, legal and political challenges will have played out on this issue to the point where some yet-unknown compromise is agreed upon.

      Thanks for commenting,

      Dave Courvoisier

  2. Jack R Smith


    This so-called regulation/control of the internet has been coming for quite some time. It’s kind of like Republicans and Democrats, there used to be a clear difference. Now, they cross their own lines so much they should call themselves “Repubocrats” . The last thing we need is more government control, that being said, some of the corporate Big Shots think they are above such regulations. No matter what “they” decide, it will not be, realistically, good for all.



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