Twitter Triumph

by | Dec 17, 2014 |

wovo-line-finalMany voice actors I know don’t get Twitter, and won’t go there.  I get it.  No pressure.  Sometimes the plate is already full.

But like most challenges, the mental mountain you build against a new thing is actually the biggest roadblock, not the technology behind it.

Regardless, I personally believe you can miss out on a lot of fruitful relationships, conversations, and even job leads by staying away from Twitter.

Today, for one hour, World-Voices.Org engaged it’s members (and anyone who stumbled across us) in a TwitterChat.  It ran from noon – 1pm PST, and was enthusiastically attended, considering it was an an inaugural event.

This was a testing of the waters for WoVO.  In the chat, we introduced some of our basic tenets, engaged in some Q&A, and generally enjoyed the company of participants.

See my previous blog this week for a synopsis of the chat, and how to participate.

We hope to hold TwitterChats twice monthly, beginning in January.  We’re mapping out topics, guests, and protocols for building on the success of today.

For those of you unable to attend.  Click on this Storify page to see the stream-of-consciousness. ‘Turns out there is a heap of metrics that can be gleaned from such an event.  We gained a few new members, generated some ideas, got some volunteer participation on projects, and were able to plumb the community for some thoughts.

Please check back here on this blog, in the WoVO newsletter, and on the various WoVO online groups for announcements of future chats.  They’re fun!

Joining World-Voices Organization gives strength to the voice-over community in ways we’re still learning…but all good.  Click on the WoVO link to see our resources, and to apply.




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