by | Nov 20, 2014 | ISDN

nailThis’ll be brief.

Info in today’s blog relates back specifically to yesterday’s blog (Lobbing the Grenade Into No-No Land).

What I’m about to reveal harkens back even further to any number of articles I’ve written over the last five years that indicates the certain and now accelerating death march of the ISDN SOP (standard operating procedure) that has ruled the roost in the voiceover business since….forever. 

Repeating the mantra of ISDN’s demise has shaken loose lots of interesting reaction and information.

So here’s the latest:

I have it on good authority from an unimpeachable source that as of January 1, a major television network (one of the big 4) will drop ISDN completely and go 100% Source Connect. All voice talent must comply or say good-bye.

Don’t even ask where I got this, I’ll go to jail first.

No, this is not goodbye ISDN, but how many nails in the coffin does it take before the pallbearers come? 

Producers, engineers, agents, and studios everywhere TAKE NOTE.




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