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by | Nov 24, 2014 |, WoVOCon

wovo-line-finalApologies in advance if you’re tired of me spouting off about World-Voices Organization (WoVO).  Here’s why I do that:

  1. I’m a founder and an officer on the board of directors (proud of WoVO)
  2. WoVO’s mission is worth supporting
  3. Voice actors deserve to have a true Industry Trade Association representing their needs and concerns
  4. Big things are happening!
  5. More big things are planned for 2015!

For instance, major internal organizational decisions involving our presence on the web, in your mailbox, and with our key WoVO personnel are starting to add up to real-world advances.  Our new website is up and running under a new server, with paid staff, and advanced design & SEO.  ANOTHER WoVO-centric site is in the final stages of tweaking that we hope will give the current P2P’s a run for their money…free to WoVO members.  Our entire newsletter workflow process is undergoing a big revision, and new membership applications are up.  Finally, our technical certification standards are in place, Industry Partners are coming on board, and WoVOCon 2015 is taking shape nicely.

I discuss all this stuff with Julie Williams for this week’s VoiceOver Insider Podcast, and I invite you to take a listen.  It’s a 20 min discussion of where we are with WoVO these days…and where we are, is BUSY! 

My thanks to Julie for her interest in and support of World-Voices Organization.




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