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by | Jul 11, 2014 | VO Events

edge-c…all the great things Edge Studio is doing…and doing…and doing?

Their programs, the coaches, the national tour by founder/VO expert David Goldberg.  Not to mention an incredibly deep website, the association with technical whiz George Whittam, classes, a panoply of programs for beginners and seasoned pros, and I haven’t even mentioned their new digs in NYC’s Times Square!

Next month, Edge will be a premiere sponsor of VOICE2014.  ‘Smart move on both sides.  A conversation I had with Edge Studio Managing Director Graeme Spicer clued me in to a boffo (yes, I said “boffo”) program AT the convention that might just make you want to be there.  They’ll be announcing this Monday, so you get the exclusive today here on this blog!

At the heart of this program is a chance for you to be evaluated by a top LA Agent, and a tippy-top LA Casting Director IFF you show some initiative and show up at the Edge Studio booth in time.  All the details below the line direct from Spicer’s office.

But in the meantime, please take advantage of a special (FREE) preview of Edge/VOICE this coming Monday, July 14th where Edge Studio Head Coach David Goldberg offers 8 Self-Direction Tips to Win Auditions!  Click here for all the details.

Now, check out your chance to be seen by some LA movers and shakers at VOICE in the info below.



August 28th
5:00 – 6:00pm
Edge Studio presents:
A conversation with Hollywood Superagent Dean Panaro
Dean Panaro has guided the careers of dozens of the voice over industry’s best known actors during his 16 years at ICM, DPN and Abrams Artists. Actors like James Arnold Taylor, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt call Dean a mentor and a friend.
In this candid and unscripted live interview, Graeme Spicer, Managing Director of Edge Studio, will ask Dean the questions we’ve all wanted answered about the life of a Hollywood agent. What attributes in a voice actor do agents seek most? What is the most annoying habit exhibited by actors that make agents crazy? Why do some talented actors fail, and other less talented actors succeed? And what’s with all the work going to celebrities?
This hour will undoubtedly be one of the most entertaining and insightful sessions on the VOICE 2014 program – actionable information for actors of all levels.
August 29th
2:00 – 3:30pm
13 Smart Ways to Grab More VO Work – including Live One-on-One Coaching from the Stage!
David Goldberg, CEO of Edge Studio, distills two decades of casting and coaching experience into a single 90 minute action-packed session!
Successful voice actors flourish when they translate their natural strengths into an “ownable” distinct style, rather than competing for jobs better suited to other actors. David helps you identify your strengths, and then explains in actionable terms how to market those strengths.
David will then will spend 60 minutes working one-on-one with volunteers from the audience to help them assess their distinct voice over style; and to help everyone in the audience to ‘train their ears’ to help deliver their best auditions, candidly assess their demos, and please their clients!
David’s presentations and live coaching sessions are always amongst the most popular sessions at voice over events – be sure and get there early for a good seat and for the opportunity to volunteer to read for David live on stage!
Live in the Edge Studio booth
Thursday 4pm – 6pm
Dean Panaro – SuperAgent at Atlas Talent
Friday 2pm – 4pm
Aaron Drown – Casting Director for MAJOR Hollywood studio
Saturday 11:00am – 1:00pm
Collette Sunderman – casting director for animation & videogames
 Usual disclaimers apply: 
Reading for any of our guests at the Edge Studio booth is not an audition for employment or for obtaining a talent agent or talent management. Names and times subject to change.



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