VoiceZam’s “Straight Shot” Debuts

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Bob Merkel makes it looks easy.

First he launches a demo player that turns the VO business on its ear.  Then he cuts the price in half, but keeps adding valuable features left ‘n’ right.

Ask him about it, and he just shrugs, flashes a big smile, and gets all humble.  But that’s Bob:  a great innovator, hard-worker, loyal friend, and savvy industry insider.bobMerkel

Bob, of course, is the founder, creator, tireless promoter, and CEO of VoiceZam.  He understands our business in a way that is so out ahead of the curve that it actually shapes our business.

Straight Shot is proof positive.

If you’re a VoiceZam subscriber, you’ve probably noticed the new functionality under your “services” menu.  Straight Shot has been in Beta for weeks, but now it’s ready for launch, and you’re gonna love it.  Customizable colors.  Drag ‘n’ drop ease.  Zamtistics included.  There’s nothing about Straight Shot that is a hard decision, and everything about Straight Shot that’s affordable.

I was lucky enough to get the “exclusive” on the launch, and Bob also spent time with me online the other day to do a thorough demonstration of what StraightShot can do.  Watch the video below to get the answers to all your questions.  Be sure to watch all the way through to get the key promo discount code that offers a great incentive to get on board, and to hear the launch date.

[You can click in the bottom right-hand corner of the player to take it full-screen, and see Bob’s tutorial better]


Thanks, Bob!   Excellent work!





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