WoVO Comes of Age

by | May 2, 2014 | WoVOCon

WoVOCon Logo 4April 2012, World-Voices Organization was born.  This weekend, we celebrate with our first conference: WoVOCon.

In two years, our fledgling Industry Trade Association wrestled with many thorny problems, struggled to earn legitimacy, took lead on some tough issues, and kept adding loyal believers one-by-one.

Now, almost 200 strong, we feel we’ve arrived at a turning point.  We’ve proven our place in the voice-over community.  Our members are thought-influencers and hard workers.  Our mission continues to be refined and expanded.

The first conference this weekend in Las Vegas, began as a casual gathering, and has blossomed into a FaffCon-like affair with un-sessions, sponsors, prizes, presentations, and about 50 dedicated attendees.

Among the planned discussions:  a Sunday morning gathering to hear what members think WoVO should be doing for them, and what they can be doing for WoVO.

We’ll be utilizing Social Media channels to update you on the goings-on.  Look for #wovo and #wovocon hashtags.  Follow @WorldVoicesOrg, @ipDTL, @SoundStreak, and @SourceElements.  You’ll recognize many of your friends in the images and thoughts we share.

Visit WorldVO.org to read our position papers, register to be a member, and peruse our other resources, like rate sheets.

Consider joining our ranks… we’re not going anywhere, we’re just going places.





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