8 Killer Sites to Maximize Your VO LinkedIn Company Page

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linkedin-logoLinkedIn.  Of all the social media platforms, I like LinkedIn best because it’s so deep, and broad, and well….serious.  That’s not to say you can’t bring out your personality on LinkedIn, but this network is about creating business relationships…not posting viral pet videos.

For years, I’ve only had my personal page; which is plenty.  It holds all my recommendations, referrals, demos, videos, history, endorsements, and so much more.  The personal home page is your big foothold on LinkedIn.  Flesh it out, make it complete, use keywords correctly, and add your headshot or logo.

You could do nothing more and have an effective presence on LinkedIn.

But when you can extend your BRAND beyond that, give your Voice-Over service greater awareness, and educate prospects about your services… with only a small investment of time.  Why not?

If this interests you, then you need to create, fill, share and constantly promote your company page.

Luckily… blogs, FAQ’s, video tutorials, and social media info sites are jam-packed with materials about creating, expanding, enhancing, and sharing your LinkedIn business page.  Below are some of the best links I’ve found so far.

LinkedIn  is almost as bad as FaceBook for constantly tweaking their platform; plenty of changes to keep up with, and The LinkedIn Blog is good for that.  For instance, LinkedIn just recently dropped a fairly popular feature called the Products and Services Page.  It’s no more.

8 Killer Sites to Maximize Your LinkedIn Company Page

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{Here’s my Company Page} (thanks for following!)

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Watch for another blog soon about building LinkedIn ShowCase Pages, now that you’ve optimized your Company Page!




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