There’s a New -Con in Town

by | Mar 14, 2014 | WoVOCon

WOVO CON LogoMind you, it’s nothing close to FaffCon… at least not yet…but it has potential.

I’m talking about WoVOCon.  That’s right, World-Voices Organization‘s first-ever conference.

World-Voices Organization — the first true Industry Trade Association for voice-actors globally — will hold a modest 1st-annual meet-up, “Voicing Our Future“, May 2-4 in Las Vegas, NV.  The fee to attend is a reasonable $149 till the end of March, then $199.

One must be a WoVO member to attend.  Membership is a one-time $25 application fee, and a yearly renewal of $49.  Anyone who applies to World-Voices automatically becomes an associate member.  Upon evaluation, the Executive Board then votes on whether to continue your membership as an associate, or approve your membership as a “professional”.  Our criteria is virtually identical to FaffCon’s determination of a “professional”.

After a first year steeped in organizational, legal, and membership decision-making, World-Voices Organization is now an established Trade Group with 150+ voice-over members, and growing.  If you would like to be on the monthly newsletter mailing list, please send your email to me at [email protected]  I’m the Exec. VP of the organization, and the newsletter editor-in-chief.

World Voices is dedicated to advocating for, promoting, educating, and representing the concerns voice-talent all over the world, and speaking on behalf of voice-actors on issues effecting their livelihood, professional status, and acceptable standards for coaches, producers, and talent in the marketplace.

That all sounds well and good, but in fact, WoVO’s direction is, and always will be, determined by its members.  That’s the main reason we felt it was important to mount a physical conference to consider what WoVO can do for its members, and what it’s members can do for WoVO.

Please consider attending.  We have rooms reserved at a group-rate.  We intend to have both scheduled and loosely-organized meeting time.  About 22 people have already committed, and if we get as many as 50, we’d be ecstatic!  Besides all that, the setting is beautiful Henderson, NV… the 2nd-largest city in the state, and a gorgeous city minutes from fabulous Las Vegas.

Go to to find out more, to register as a WoVO member, and/or to register for WoVOCon.  See you there!…er…uh…here!




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