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by | Feb 21, 2014 | VO SociaMedia | 2 comments

clickThey’re so ubiquitous, so unobtrusive, so taken-for-granted, that we forget how powerful they are.

They are present on almost every online content article you read.  I have them at the top of this blog everyday.  Sometimes they’re at the bottom.  Sometimes they float alongside the text.  If they’re not IN the article, you can add handy links at the top of your browser that do the same thing.

When you click on them, you vote, you share, you agree, and your build your own online presence in a flash.

They are the social media sharing icon buttons.

socialshareThe staple Facebook and Twitter buttons are always there.  Sometimes an email icon, or LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more (Reddit, Stumble-Upon, Delicious, etc.).

If your favorite is NOT there, you can likely add a “bookmarklet” to the top of your browser bookmark bar that lets you immediately share the article you like to your favorite online platform.

Another great option is to install  ShareThis, or AddThis, or any of about a hundred Chrome extensions, FireFox add-ons, or Internent Explorer plug-ins that do the same thing.

One you’ve set up your account on these sharing sites, every “add” or “share” gets chalked-up to your links, and the more you make, the more you build your online presence.

You’re also adding online legitimacy to your favorite authors.  In that sense this IS an ad-hoc online voting system.  My SEO certainly goes up with each tweet or link of my content to another network or platform.

C’mon admit it!  You almost forgot they were there!

So click away, send the goodness all over!  The internet can handle it, and you’re spreading the wealth of information to others who maybe didn’t see the great content you discovered.






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  1. Marc Scott

    I always enjoy seeing the numbers rise on my share buttons. It gives me a great confidence boost about the blog post that I wrote and it motivates me to write the next one. It also helps me see what sort of subjects are resonating with my readers.

    Thanks for sharing, Dave. I’ll be sharing! 🙂

    • CourVO


      Thanks for hanging out at my blog so much! I appreciate your stopping-by to further the conversation. I’ve never been able to try Final Cut Pro, cause they don’t make a Windows version. My loss, I guess… but all non-linear editors work essentially the same.

      As far as social media, I’m trying to up my game there a little bit. Didja get my invite to the Social Media VO community on G+ that I sent you? We could use a guy like you there. 😉




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