An Immersive Vegas VO Weekend

by | Jan 20, 2014 | VO Events

cip&meOften, on this blog, I’ve made the point that no level of participation short of immersion is worthy of my time in voice-over.  This weekend, I lived that maxim.


Dan Lenard, CourVO, Dustin Ebaugh, Pat Sweeny

Tiffany-echelon VO coach and producer Marice Tobias held her third Las Vegas all-male VO workshop Saturday and Sunday.  About 15 awesome voice talents attended, and I was there too.


Doug Medlock, Marice Tobias, CourVO, Chuck Davis

As if that wasn’t enough VO overload, everybody’s favorite Network Promo voice, Joe Cipriano wisely chose the same weekend to hold a Las Vegas premiere for his new book “Living on Air”.  Those two events actually intersected when Marice attended the party to do some Q&A with Joe at the book-signing.


CourVO, Joe, Marice

There for Cipriano’s event: a proud gathering of the Las Vegas voice-over community, as well as most of the guys attending Marice’s class.  The event was sponsored by World-Voices Organization.


AJ McKay at the board

Joe has been holding these “Living on Air” events around the country…most recently appearing in NYC and Washington, D.C.  But he reserved for his Las Vegas appearance, live readings of book excerpts complete with music, sound-effects, multiple characters, and commentary.  Top audio engineer AJ McKay handled the production duties with expert grace.

Sure, I’m beat… but smiling.

Of course I’m proud that Las Vegas can host first-class voice-over events like this, and yes it’s a kick to be a participant, but more than that, I take home a reassurance that I’m part of a VO community that is growing, relevant, vibrant and supportive.

Below is a brief video I shot of Joe doing his narration of an excerpt from the book.  My apologies for the quality of the video.

Thanks, Joe and Marice for letting me be part of a great big immersive VO Vegas weekend!


Living on Air from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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