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digitalsecurityAs if to mock my own advice from earlier this week:  “Doin’ the Two-Step“, my Skype account was hacked twice right after I posted that blog.

Somebody from Vietnam kept trying to buy Skype minutes, and THAT triggered an automatic payment from PayPal.

I freaked!

Luckily, both services were responsive.  I immediately initiated a transaction dispute with PayPal, but I probably should’ve started with Skype first.  Skype’s online chat help was easily accessible, and in both instances, I was able to reverse the charges, and have the transactions flagged as fraudulent.

Not only did I then devise new passwords for both PayPal and Skype, but I took my own suggestion, and set-up 2-step verification for them both.  Skype is a Microsoft product, and you can set-up an additional verification process for most of your MS products on a security page available under your account.  That means online products like Office and Outlook can be part of a 2-step verification.

The Microsoft two-step verification process will accept the Google Verification app, or they have their own (I used Google, since I already had it configured for the other accounts).

PayPal does NOT use the Google Verify app, but will send you an SMS verification code to your smartphone which is just as good.


Are you two-stepping?




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