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by | Oct 29, 2013 | VO Education

fallHave you ever noticed how the general pace of life seems to just vibrate a little faster in the Fall and Spring?  These are the most enjoyable months for being out-of-doors, and yet the level of commitments seem to keep us INDOORS far too much.

Just take a look at your calendar, and tell me if it doesn’t ramp-up  in Sept-Oct straight through November-December, then it drops off in January.  Then, come April-May it hits a stride again until the end of June.

Traditional wisdom says Summertime is a time of diversions:  vacation, outdoor activities, and distractions.  Then in Winter a lot of people just go underground until the weather lifts a little.  That leaves Fall and Spring for a rush of activities.

These are not hard ‘n’ fast rules, of course, but ya gotta admit, there’s some truth to it.

Ever since a week or two before FaffCon, I’ve been going full steam ahead.  Of course, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s are just too too crazy always…so here at the end of October, I’m feeling the crunch.  It’s a full calendar everyday!

Another measure of that is the conference/convention schedule.  Living in the convention capital of the world makes me acutely aware of this.  In the Fall, there are typically 5-10 conventions/week in Las Vegas…lasting various lengths, and meeting in any one of the 25-or-so convention centers (every resort seems to have one)…not to mention THE Las Vegas Convention Center, which is a medium-sized city most days.

In that vein, and for the last couple of weeks, I’ve posted several reminder blogs about webinars, seminars, meet-ups, or workshops going on during this busy season.  Two more to tell you about today:

The first is training in the Art of Self-Direction by the inimitable Pat Fraley TODAY (10-29-13).  This is a continuing series of online webinars sponsored by Julie Williams, and it’s only $47.  This is a fraction of the value of what Pat is worth for an hour-and-a-half session.  If I didn’t have to do the news at that hour, I’d be there for certain.  Click here for info on THE ART OF SELF DIRECTION.

The second is reminder from Beau Weaver who is hosting and moderating an evening over at the Don LaFontaine SAG Foundation Actors Center in Los Angeles.  It features veteran standout Voice Actor Bill Ratner performing “BobbyWood”.  Don’t ask… just go to this website to hear Bill’s appeal, and make your reservation for November 7th.  Includes Q & A with Weaver afterwards, and proceeds benefit the Don LaFontaine SAG Foundation VoiceOver Lab.

There!  Attend these two stellar sessions, and consider your Fall commitments fulfilled!





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