Why This?…Why Now?

by | Sep 3, 2013 | World-Voices.org

COMMUNITYYou got me.

I’m a hopeless advocate for the Voice Acting community.  I don’t know why.  Sometimes I think I should just shut-up, withdraw to my little sound-booth, and work on getting more VO jobs.

But something draws me to the greater good that we can achieve when we knock heads and try to pool resources.  It’s time, doncha think?

Why this?…why now?

Because that time ALWAYS comes when an accomplished pool of professionals seeks a collective recognition, legitimacy, and professionalism.  Not as an individual.  There are hundreds and hundreds of accomplished individual professional voice-actors.  But as a GROUP.

Not everyone buys into my philosophy.  I’m not pushing, enlisting, or insisting.  I’m merely joining others who believe as I do, and we’re all INVITING you — those of you with like minds — to join us, and find strength in numbers.

That’s ‘why this and why now”.  It’s World-Voices.org.

I was so moved to produce a little explainer video about it.  It’s 58-seconds.

Got :58?





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