Wassup With WoVO These Days?

by | Aug 22, 2013 | World-Voices.org

wovologo for blog‘Glad you asked!

You could say things have been a little too quiet lately at WoVO HQ (wherever that is), and you’d be right.  Our last newsletter was in April.  Too long ago!  (BTW, WoVO stands for World-Voices Organization, the new industry trade association for voice actors))

We haven’t been sitting on our hands, though…. in fact, members of the WoVO Exec Board meet once-a-month in a Google Hangout, and email each other practically every day.  We’ve been discussing issues from the arcane to the arguable…and then some.

We know we’ve been too silent for our ardent supporters and curious onlookers.  So one of the things we’ve decided to do is get out a newsletter approximately every month.  If you are one of the 500+ voice actors on our mailing list, then you probably got… or will be getting that newsletter today.  If not, you can see the WoVO newsletter here.

In the newsletter, an answer to the question “What’s in it for me?”…a question we get fairly often.

Home Studio Master Dan Lenard explains some recording environment essentials.

Randye Kaye profiles the motivation behind one of the most prolific VO bloggers around (not me).

And Ann Richardson reminds us all of some of the incredible WoVO resources available to members.

Check it out!  In the newsletter, instructions for how to join the ranks!




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