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by | Mar 27, 2013 | Faff Camp, World-Voices.org

coupon-2In just a little over a month, FaffCon‘s latest offshot:  FaffCamp will take place in Charlotte, NC.  (see details here).  More like a typical conference (rather than FaffCon’s “un-conference format), FaffCamp will nonetheless have a very faffy feel, and you’ll see a lot of your friends there.

Among the vendors being represented at the Table Top Expo at FaffCamp is voice-acting’s newest Industry Trade Organization:  World-Voices.org (WoVO for short).  Please try to stop by and chat if you’re gonna be there.

The organizers of FaffCon/Faffcamp are embracing the goals of WoVO, and are offering a pretty good deal that is a win-win-win.

  • WoVO gets greater exposure
  • FaffCamp gets more attendees
  • Attendees get a total of $50 break on costs at FaffCamp and WoVO.

Below is the coupon offer. It’s getting down to the wire for FaffCamp planners, which is why the deadline is short.  But, honestly, there’s still plenty of time to make your plans, and get in your registration…and now there’s even more incentive.


Can’t make it to FaffCamp, but still want to support World-Voices?  Peachy!  Just go to http://worldvo.org to sign-up online.  We’ve recently revamped our application procedure, combining the $25 one-time-only application fee, with the $49 annual membership fee for a total of $74 dollars initially… then $49 each year thereafter.

WoVO organizers have been meeting feverishly lately, and hammering out a lot of details that will make this an organization you’ll want to be part of, support, and help build.  Every profession that comes of age eventually launches an offshoot business trade group that helps represent the concerns of its members.  Go to http://worldvo.org for more explainers, and become part of our new free online social media site:  http://worldvo.com.  “”Our mission is to strengthen, improve and promote the artistic, professional and economic success of freelance professional voice actors world wide.”




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