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by | Dec 9, 2012 | Faff Camp

CampFaffWhen something’s that good, word gets around.  Faffcon is that good.

Having attended 3 of the 5 FaffCon Unconferences, and having sponsored all of them, I think I know of what I speak.

FaffCon was not only a novel idea for a conference, but a game-changer for voice acting in general.  Kudos to Amy Snively for conceiving and masterfully enabling FaffCon. People get it.  They want to be there.

But its very design keeps FaffCon from being an all-out affair.  100 attendees allowed, and you must show your mettle as a voice actor to be there.

Voice actors aren’t elitists, though, and neither is Amy.  She’s been looking for a way to be egalitarian and enabling of more Faffers, and the results of all that cogitation are now being announced.

The first Faff Camp will be held in Charlotte…the same site of the last FaffCon.  The hotel liked us, and vice-versa.  It’s coming up in May of 2013, and the barriers to entry are….none.  Well, you will have to find your way there, and there is an registration fee… but that’s about it.

This is good news for all of us in voice acting.  As FaffCon’s Peter O’Connell writes:  “…Faff Camp is a peer-to-peer professional development conference for working voiceover pros (not just voice talents, voice actors, and narrators, but ALL PROS who do work related to voice overs). It’s participant driven and highly interactive, just like its sister event FaffCon. But unlike FaffCon, most of the Faff Camp agenda is set in advance, which makes it possible for Faff Camp to welcome a larger group…”

O’Connell’s got the early word on Faff Camp, and I suggest you click on the link below to his site, and read more of what this event holds for you.  Although I plan to be in San Antonio in October of 2013, I must admit, Charlotte in May is likely a travel weekend for me!

Peter O’Connell’s VoxMarketising Blog on Faff Camp.


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