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It just seemed appropriate that I would FINALLY crunch some numbers on the Voice Over Awareness Today (VOAT) contributions from September, on this, our national election day.

Many of you participated, and if you haven’t perused all the meaty answers from the four weeks of shared knowledge, maybe now would be a good time:

In the final week of voting, I asked “Who Would You Recommend as an Acting/Voice-Acting Coach and/or a Demo Producer?  I was truly interested in hearing the responses, because it might expand my horizon of possible future training,  and that’s a good thing.

So below is a rough tally of the names and frequency of mentions for each of the responses.  Please go to the Wk 4 actual responses to see the full answers and explanations.  Some people offered some contact information as well.  These are golden referrals from your peers, and while any one given coach may not be as beneficial for one VO as it is for another… this is a short list that may prove very workable when you’re making your next training decision.

The number preceding some names reflects the number of times they were mentioned.  I’ve added links where I could find them, and made geographic reference where possible.  I’ve also made a notation of their specialty.  Some respondents listed several names, and I’ve included them all (i.e. some respondents voted more than once).  Some, like Pat Fraley, are great coaches at almost anything VO, but Pat was mentioned specifically several times for audiobook coaching.


Wren Ross  ([email protected])

9 Elley-Ray Hennessey  (Toronto)(coach)

8  Nancy Wolfson  (LA) (coach, producer)

Allison Moffett

Deb Munro (British Columbia)  (coach)

4  James Alburger & Penny Abshire (VoiceActingAcademy)  (San Diego)  ( coach, producer)

John Kirby (LA) (coach)

David Guzzone (Edge Studio) (coach)

2 Anne GanGuzza (Orange Co, CA)

3 Marc Cashman (LA)

Bob Bergen  (coach, esp. animatin)

Marice Tobias  (coach, producer)

Marc Graue (for Demos mostly)

2 Richard Horvitz (LA) (acting coach, animations)

2 Tim Keenan (Orange Co. CA) (demos)

3 Melissa Moats (Las Vegas) (coach, demos)

Hunter Phoenix (VoiceOverGym) Bellingham, WA

3 Pat Fraley (LA) (mostly audiobooks) (coach, producer)

Gene Holtzer (NYC)

Joan Baker (NYC)

David Goldberg (Edge Studio) (coach, producer)

Elaine Clark (coach)

2 Paul Ruben (coach, audiobooks)

Joyce Castenallos (oach, producer – promotions)

Steve Vallance (animation)

MJ Lallo (coach, producer) animation)

Chuck Duran (demos)

Ron Allan (Columbus, OH)

Dave DeAndrea (Oregon) demos

Let me know if any corrections, please.




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