Awesome Pre-Thanksgiving Tune-Up

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There’s a fine line between passing along great opportunities and endlessly shilling for eager enterprises.

I hope you know, I really try to keep my blog largely free of shameless promotions…opting instead for useful information.  In today’s case, I hit both marks…and do so gladly.

Why?  Because both David Goldberg’s Edge Studio, and John Florian’s VoiceOverXtra are frequent partners with me, and both have selflessly done much to help my VO career.

Besides all that, the two are combining forces for a truly awesome, affordable, timely, and bountiful weekend of intensive training.

The event is billed as the VoiceOver Expansion Event…Two accelerated Learning Days for Voice Actors.

The dates are Sat & Sun, November 17 & 18…which is more than a week away…but hey….remember how fast October flashed by?

I mean…Two weeks from today is Thanksgiving.  Sheesh!
So, click on the graphic to the left for info on the intensive on the 17th.
The 17th is more for advanced voice actors, the 18th for new voice actors.
The event is sponsored by two other outstanding partners:  VoiceBank/VoiceRegistery  and Harlan Hogan’s VoiceOver Essentials…so you know there are gonna be great prizes involved.
Also, respected names like Erik Sheppard, Carol Monda, David Kaplan, and Randye Kaye are all doing sessions.
The good news:  the classes are being held at Edge Studio’s brand new studio location in NYC!
The bad news:  the classes are being held at Edge Studio’s brand new studio location in NYC!  (meaning the rest of of sad-sacks who don’t live close…might miss out!)
So, if you are anywhere within reasonable reach, and need a VO Tune-up to wrap up 2012…this is the one.



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