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I’m late to this party.  Embarrassingly late…but not so late that I can’t help (I did), and not too late that  you can’t help (you can).

It started with Anne Ganguzza, a SoCal-based Voice actor.  I keep running into Anne at various VO meetups, and besides being a delightful friend, she’s big into contributing to the community.

When she stopped by in Las Vegas the other day with her husband for dinner (well, they had OTHER reasons for being there than dinner with me), we talked extensively about the memorial fund she’s building for her friend Sandra Swingler.  They had a common bond of cancer, but Sandra didn’t make it.

Sandra is the wife of voice actor Andrew Swingler, and together they have two young daughters.  I’ve met Andrew online and in person, and he’s one of the most helpful and friendly guys you’d ever want on your side.  Now he’s going it alone with his two girls, and Anne is aiming to help.  You can too.  I’ll be honest.  I contributed $200 to the Sandra Swingler fund, and I’d like you to search your heart to give something too.

Anne Ganguzza

‘Cause when it’s all said ‘n’ done.  It’s not how many commercials we voiced along the way, but how we treated our friends in each living moment.  Andrew and Sandra and their two daughters could use our help.

Whadya say?

Click on Anne’s Blog to find out all the details about their family, and instructions for giving.  Anne has made it incredibly easy, and the giving is tax-deductible (as if you need more incentive).




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