You Can Do This Lying Down

by | May 8, 2012 | Coaching, Training/Education

For Nancy Wolfson‘s 9th instructional mini-video in our weekly series, you get a real lesson in (men) learning to relax the voice.

This is one of the longest of the 13 video tips in the series: HOW TO SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE. What I like about this and all of the Wolfson mini-video lessons is her ability to improvise on-the-spot to get the read she wants out of the unsuspecting VO volunteer.

Watch her as she brings out the best read…even if it means getting “down” to basics.

Here’s the video:

You can also see the video here:

Honestly, you may not even have the space in your whisper room to do as Wolfson suggests for your audition, but to find that voice you need, it could be a useful technique.  You’ve probably heard the phrase:  “…if you keep doing the same thing, and getting the same result…then try something different…”  Using that admonition within reason, you’ll find that Wolfson constantly challenges you to be smart in your approach to acting for advertising, but to also think outside the box when other techniques are not bringing desired results.

You could watch all 13 of these video vignettes and come out a much wiser voice-actor…or you could purchase the whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle, and be the Flash Gordon of voice actors.  Your choice, but given the ridiculously inexpensive price-point for the 127 tips you get in Wolfson’s video, there are few things that meet the value you’re being offered here (well  maybe a giant box of Junior Mints…but that’s another blog).

Give a look at the site:  SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE for the complete offer.

Next week with Wolfson: Women: How to Relax Your Voice for Auditions.






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