Word Gets Around…

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Audiobooks, Coaching, Training/Education

…when you’re good.  And Paul Ruben is great (so he qualifies).

The “word” has it that Paul is (1) a seasoned, talented, and award-winning Audiobook narrator, and he is (2) gifted at sharing his craft.

Unhappily, I have never met Paul, nor even had a conversation with him…a situation I hope to rectify this year.

In the meantime — for those of you seeking fresh challenges to be better at storytelling — Paul may just be your next step (’cause we all agree you never stop learning, right?).

Check out this video of Paul at work, and then be sure to read below that for some information on where you can connect with Paul  in his next coaching session.


My friend, and  VO talent Denise Chamberlain tells me there are about 6 positions left in Paul’s next class, coming up on  April 28th.  You can visit Chamberlain’s site to get the registration link, and directly, here is also the link to all the information about Ruben’s late-April 2-day session in SoCal.

Finally, Paul frequently shares information generously in his blog and Social Media postings with tips and wonderful observations about the art of audiobook narrating.  Paul Ruben’s Blog.

His website: Tribeca Audio explains more about Paul and his amazing achievements.

Now you’ve got the word on Paul…what’re you going to do with it?




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