Pictures In Your Mind

by | Apr 25, 2012 | Coaching, Training/Education

A 30-year TV career, and I was never exposed to the concept of a StoryBoard until I started dabbling in Voice Overs.

In TV News there’s no time for the luxury of conceptualizing your perfect pictures first.  You just use the available pics you’re given…and write the story as best you can in a given time slot on a set deadline.

But in ADVERTISING, the storyboard makes all the difference…especially for the voice actor who’s just received a new audition from a client they’ve never seen, and copy that’s unfamiliar.

Nancy Wolfson’s free video mini-lesson: “StoryBoard it in your mind to hit the right words” hits all the right notes.  Watch this:

You can also see the video here:

This is the 7th mini-lesson in a string of 13 total videos from VO Coach/producer Wolfson.  The mother lode video from whence the 13 “minis” come is called:  HOW TO SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE.

What up-and-coming voice actor hasn’t heard that training with Nancy Wolfson is the bridge to success in this business?  There’s no subsitute for the one-on-one with Wolfson, but the 127 tips in this video is either a great introduction, or a complete review…depending on whether you’ve worked with her or not.  If you ask me, she’s giving away the farm for the price of some hay bales with this video…but you’re the one who benefits.  HOW TO SOUND REAL AND NAIL THE SALE.

Next week:  Make Room for Volume in Radio





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