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by | Feb 14, 2012 | VO Education

It’s hard to ignore any VO event that carries the legacy of Don LaFontaine with it.

The SAG Foundation DLF VoiceOver Lab makes a strong statement for excellence in voice-overs, and now the foundation has organized an impressive array of learning sessions.  Officially, the Summit began Feb 2nd, but the sessions begin later this month, and carry through into April

Stacey Mooradian, the Marketing and Communications Consultant for the SAG Foundation sent me the information below.  Be sure to click on the link at the bottom to see the registration site and learn about cost; proceeds to support the DLF lab for it’s continuing mission of education.  George Whittam, Beau Weaver, and Bob Bergen are just a few of the pros presenting during this series.




 WHAT:  A series of exclusive discussions on the Art and Future of Voice-Overs broken down into two sessions

 Session A

Feb 21         Promos & Trailers/Moderated by Scott Rummell

March 6        Commercials/Moderated by Josh Daugherty

March 30      Marketing, Demos & Representation/Moderated by Stewart Wilson-Turner

April 3          ADR, Voice Matching & Voice Replacement/Moderated by Rif Hutton

Session B

Feb 28          Casting Directors & Producers’ Point of View/ Moderated by Carroll Kimble

March 13       Home Studios & Voice-Over Technology/ Moderated by George Whittam

March 27       Video Games & Animation/ Moderated by Bob Bergen

April 10         Narration & Audio Book/ Moderated by Beau Weaver

 WHY: Proceeds from the SAG Foundation Voice-Over Summit 2012 will benefit the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab located in Los Angeles. Staying true to the SAG Foundation mission, this series offers an opportunity to educate and inspire actors with special access to professionals in the Voice-Over community andrelated fields. The Voice-Over Summit 2012 will help the SAG Foundation’s Don LaFontaine Lab to continue to be a ground-breaking technological and educational facility.

 WHEN: The SAG Foundation Voice-Over Summit starts February 2, 2012

 WHERE:  SAG Foundation, Actors Center, 5757 Wilshire Bl. Mezzanine, Los Angeles

To register or learn more, please visit:



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