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by | Nov 30, 2011 | Audiobooks

Before books or even papyrus, there was the ancient art of storytelling and re-telling…and the oral tradition of passing down knowledge from generation to generation.

Little wonder, then, that audiobooks are finding a resurgence (thanks in part to new, enabling technology).  It’s in our genes.

A wonderfully-written article breaks-out the reasons to a deeper level.  It’s called The Mind’s Ear.

Still not convinced that this may be a possible outlet for your talents?  Then try this article:  The Coming AudioBooks Boom (Sept. 2011)

Ready to get started?  This quote is probably a good reality-check:  “…Go home, go to your bookcase, shut your eyes, reach out, and grab a book. You don’t get to choose. Take that book and sit somewhere quiet and small, like a closet, and read out loud for three hours a day. If you have any stumbles, back up and start the sentence again. If you hit a word you don’t know how to pronounce, go look it up. Do that for three hours a day, for two weeks, and then, if you’re still interested, give me a call…”

See the entire blog article I wrote which included this quote:  R U VO Enuff?

If you’re still interested, sign-up for a weekend audiobook workship with Pat Fraley sometime.

Also, check out ACX.  Read this Blog:

My thanks to Edoardo Ballerini for pointing out those two articles on the FB Group:  Professional AudioBook Narrators




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