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by | Aug 3, 2011 | Training/Education

Many of you know of the close connection this blog has to John Florian’s VoiceOverXtra site.  I’ve probably contributed 10 or 12 articles to his site of late.  John runs a hi-profile site.  VoiceOverXtra gets a lot of traffic, and has a lot of credibility in the Voice Over world.  Lately Florian has branched out…doing webinars that are quite engaging and worthwhile with some of the top contributors, trainers, and coaches in the business.

When John  approached me to join my VO friends Terry Daniel and Trish Basanyi in a 3-part webinar covering all aspects of Social Media, I jumped at the chance.

Terry Daniel and I presented a General Session seminar at VOICE2010 on the topic of Social Media, and earlier this year, Trish and I teamed up to present at FaffCon2 on the same topic.

I consider Terry and Trish to be my mentors and associates in this trending area of marketing potential.  They are both experts in Social Media, and I’ve learned tons from their daily approach.

Here’s how this triple-threat “Super Socials” set of webinars will break down:

Wednesday, August 17, Terry Daniel will explain the intricacies of FaceBook…no small feat as this platform continues to evolve.  It is the 800-lb-gorilla of Social Media, though, so it’s good we start here.  If you’re not on FaceBook with your VO marketing, you’re missing out.

Thursday, August 18th, Trish Basanyi steps into de-mystify Twitter.  I know of no other voice actor than Trish who’s translated her Twitter presence into more VO work.  Since this is at once a challenging and fruitful social networking platform, you’ll want to hear what Trish knows about it.

About a week later, Wednesday, August 24th, I close the gap with a wealth of information about the social media platforms that should round-out your VO marketing plan.  I’ll cover LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ (a newcomer in Social Media), along with blogging and a few surprises.  I’ll also be conducting an engaging live interview with Zurek, the founder of VoiceOverUniverse…one of THE MOST succcessful VO forums of all time.

So there you go.  Who would want to miss all that?

You can attend all three for the reduced price of $99…or any one for $39.  But here’s the incentive to sign-up:  You are automatically enrolled in a drawing to have your tuition refunded if you spread the word, and then cc: John Florian with your message.

See all the details of this upcoming series of webinars.

I hope to see you on the call, I’ll be there for Terry and Trish’s presentations because I KNOW I’ll learn something.  I can promise you I”ll do my level best during my webinar to present material you’ve never heard before, and open your eyes to new possibilities for marketing your VO business in Social Media.

Please pass the word around, and possibly win a free pass to the webinar!




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