Anatomy of an ADR

by | May 6, 2011 | Documentary

Doncha love acronyms?  Personally, they drive me nuts.  People throw ’em around like you’re supposed to know what they mean.  It’s almost snobbish sometimes.

Like ADR.

ADR? – American Depositary Receipt

ADR? – Alternative Dispute Resolution

Wrong!  For the purposes of THIS blog, ADR stands for Automated (or Automatic) Dialogue Replacement — also known as “looping”, and constitutes a lucrative and fun VO niche if you can get it (psst…it helps to live in LA!).

According to Wikipedia, ADR is “… the process of re-recording the original dialogue after filming for the purpose of obtaining a cleaner, more intelligible dialogue track.  ADR is also used to change the original lines recorded on set in order to clarify context, or to improve the actor’s diction and timing.”

The Wikipedia article goes on to say (and this is the good part for us VO’s): Sometimes, a different actor is used from the original actor on set.”

Considering all that, the video you’re about to watch is maybe not PURE ADR.  It’s more like narration.  But it’s a great video for seeing how the whole VO process works, and besides, I LOOOOOVE  Brenda Strong’s voice.  She plays Mary Alice in Desperate Housewives.

Some day…some day.




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