ISDN’s Gradual Demise?

by | Apr 13, 2011 | ISDN

John McClain: owner, President, CEO, and all around Grand Poobah of Dog and Pony Studios in Las Vegas is my ISDN conscience.  Somewhere along the line he’s taken to advising me when he gets a tidbit about not-so-subtle hernias appearing in the soft underbelly of ISDN service in America.

Lately, it seems to be taking the form of Telcos silently strangling this mainstay of audio connections by cutting back on the long-distance connections that make it all work. Let’s face it…the AT&T’s of the world LOSE money on ISDN.  This service is entrenched in the best VO studios across the country, so a quick demise is not likely, but a slow death by attrition is possible.

Follow this link to a thread on the Gearslutz Post Production forum revealing the latest woes:




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