How To Sound Like Yourself

by | Mar 27, 2011 | Coaching

‘Seems like a ridiculous proposition — sounding like you…but where a voice talent gets waylaid is in reading the directions that accompany the audition script.

What’s even worse is when the casting director sends along a link to a YouTube video, and they want you to emulate the style of voice on the video for the project they’re sending you.

Top VO coaches — Nancy Wolfson, for example — admonish their students for letting the specs too heavily influence the actor’s choices in advance of making those choices, though it’s never a bad idea to check the specs AFTER the text analysis process and before submitting the final audition.  So the approach becomes:  read the directions for any specific distinct requests, but mostly deliver your best read according to your analysis of the script.  The idea being that many VO talents can do a fine job with the given script, but only YOU can bring YOUR touch, your interpretation, and your experience to the copy.

There’s actually a very good article about “how to sound like you” on the website “Internet Voice Coach“.




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