September is National VO Month…

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….or Congress should declare it as such.

I know there are always workshops and conferences and meet-ups going on EVERY month, but for some reason September seems to be a veritable cornucopia of opportunities.

First and foremost, there’s FAFFCON.  Ho, boy!  Have you signed up for this yet?  Do. Be part of the first-ever VO UNconference.  Portland.  2nd weekend in September.  Click on the logo for all the info.

Then, there’s THAT’S VOICEOVER, Septemer 22nd.  Hosted in NYC by David Letterman’s Alan Kalter and created by Rudy Gaskins and Joan Baker.  This is an event that just keeps getting better.

And then, there’s Marice Tobias — that elusive, but coveted coach holding an “Established Men in VoiceOver” event in my own hometown of Vegas on the last weekend of September.

Will I  make all three?  Nope…but 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


It’s so unnecessary…don’t you think?




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