Define “Vacation”

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Uncategorized

I’m back.

From “vacation”.

It didn’t involve cruise lines, foreign languages, ropes, skis, sailboats, SCUBA equipment, fishing, hiking or horses.  I saw my home town, and my wife’s home town, and partied with a bunch of people from my HS class of 1970.

Does that qualify as a vacation?

In my definition, yes.  Here’s why:  I define a vacation as any significant departure from the grinding day-to-day routine of my typical work life. so, I don’t have to be in Puerta Vallarta to be on vacation, I just don’t have to follow a tired rote pattern.

Going by that definition, my little excursion to Illinois and Missouri was a “vacation”.

Now…here’s the big question:  As a freelancer, can you ever afford to be on “vacation”?  I mean, can you ignore audition requests, phone calls, text messages, emails, and offers of work?

‘Cause you see, I believe every person needs that “away” time from the humdrum for their own sanity.  My work life  includes constant phone calls, text messages, and emails.  But my typical work life does NOT include a constant stream of  audition requests and offers of work? (I’m not that lucky yet).

So, then, the question becomes one of a grey area of indecision.  How much of those nagging freelance work opportunities do you let seep into your precious “departure from your day-to-day grind of typical work“?  I guess that depends on whether or not you consider your freelance business a grind.  I don’t.

So, in the last 8-9 days…yes, I answered the phone and the email and the texts to garner two solid jobs…but I neglected 3 audition requests and 1 private audition request from a P2P site.  That was where I drew the line on “vacation”.  Am I a bad boy?

Well, I DO have a conscience about the audition requests, but not enough to cause me to lose sleep…and I DID have a great time…so I’m going to let my “vacation” definition stand…and promise to hit it hard as I  get back to my day-to-day routine in about 12 hours.

Yeah, I’m back.




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