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It’s late…or early…whichever.  The clock says 3:32am as I write this.

We’re creatures of habit, tending to keep the same schedules.  Mine is a late one.

But…every once in a while…do you change it up?

When do you typically make phone calls?  Are you getting through to prospects and agents?

What time of day do people see your tweets?

When are you answering auditions?  When V123 or Voices or your agents sends them out…or many hours later?

When are you actually recording your sound?  At the end of the day when the voice is tired?

The point is that even something as simple as occasionally changing this one variable may be the tweak that brought the new client, the better read, the closer relationship.  Did you consider that?

Maybe it’s…..time.




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1 Comment

  1. Ralph Hass

    Funny you should mention change Dave:)

    Today I switched my gym routine and went early…usually I go in the evening. And for another change, I had a guest blogger on my blog today: Stephanie Ciccarelli getting animated!

    Yes, some of the most creative people I know have last names that start with the letter “C”…



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