So This Is What It Feels Like…

by | Feb 4, 2010 | Uncategorized

…to live a life to overflowing.

…An inkling of what “fruits of your labor” means….a taste of success to offset the all-to-familiar struggles.

I’m only obliquely referring to Voice-Over…more about that below.

No, what I want to underscore, here at 3:45am…after having been up for about 20 hours straight, is the utterly unmistakable and warmly satisfying sensation of a job well done.

signing My daughter.  The middle one. Madeleine.  My “old soul”. 

Wednesday, she signed her “Letter of Intent”…meaning she’s on her way to life as a Division-One Scholarship Soccer player at TCU (Texas Christian University). This is her dream come true.  The culmination of years of sacrifice.

Sure, I’ve written some checks now and then, supported her…gone to the out-of-state tournaments and sat cheering on the sidelines.  But this…this she did mostly on her own.  Determination.  Persistence.  Focus. As a parent, I have the sense that I did something right along the way, and she is the living, breathing result.

In the midst of her event, in the days and weeks leading up to it, and for the forseeablemomdadmad future…every waking moment (and there are more of them than usual) is absolutely maxxed out with VoiceOver work.  My cup runneth over.

And this, I did on my own…  Determination.  Persistence.  Focus.  I did something right along the way….and opportunity is the living, breathing result.

Darting in and out of scarcity for the last 3-4 years… I practiced, worked on demos, tweaked my equipment, auditioned, studied, laid out the marketing plan, and massaged my social networking contacts.  I went to VOICE, wrote blogs, made friends, made calls, offered help when I could, and accepted it when I needed.

Now, almost simultaneously with the beginning of the new year and the new decade, the work Just.  Keeps. Coming. 

Does it compare to my father’s pride?  Nah.  VO is play.  This is her life.

But I’m beguiled by the coincidence of parallel success in our lives. Fulfillment at the end of the day, knowing the work was worth it.  The fruits are sweet.




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