The Great Recession v. The Great Inflection

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Don’t give me credit for that title…it all belongs to columnist Thomas Friedman, who writes some great thoughts about how everyone’s making-do during the TET (tough economic times) by acting, shopping, thinking, and producing smarter.

THIS article even mentions voiceovers and

This is a good, short read…check it out.




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  1. Mike Cooper

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for posting. I read the article and what jumped out at me was that (unless I misread it) within five minutes of posting the job online they had 10 to 15 people charging 10% through of what talent would been paid in the past.

    This can’t be good news for our industry, surely, or good news for anyone trying to make a reasonable living as a voiceover artist?

    I’d like to hear what others have to say.



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