The Business of Busyness

by | Nov 6, 2009 | Uncategorized

busyness How many times do I have to blog about this before it soaks in… FOR  ME…!!???

Well, it’s been a few months, so here I am full-circle to the business of busyness again.

If there’s one attitude that marks the American ethic it is being busy…an attitude that makes us the envy of nations, and the death of many.

See, if  you’re busy, you don’t have to really think about what’s important…there’s just the next thing TO DO.  “…OK, I’ll do THAT…”  and you may, indeed, get that done.  But was it a priority?

Believe me, I’m Las Vegas’ grand poobah chief purveyor of “BUSY”.  I think I’m addicted to it.  I justify some of the “busy” to my TV job.  After all, the deadlines and the high-profile are part of my job description.  I rationalize another portion to charity…and I DO give…a LOT.  Three public appearances this week.  One was for National Adoption Day, another – this Saturday – is to MC the annual fund-raising gala for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

OK, fine…but what about the rest of the “BUSY”…the endless e-mail trolling, the flailing-around to stay on top of Social Networking…the phone calls, the itinerant tinkering with the iPhone and its apps…blogging, twittering, FaceBooking, the list is long, and Oh, yeah, that’s another thing…making lists to ensure that the busyness never ends!

Luckily I know this about myself, hence the forced time-off now ‘n’ then.  Luckily I’m a family man, and have no compunction about dropping the busyness to be there for THEM.  Luckily I have a wife who smacks me back to reality.

Then, there’s voice-over…a chosen vector in my life that I don’t know any alternative way to approach than hell-bent-for-leather.  Busy about VO?  I break new limits in THAT practically every day!

But for some reason, busy + passion = more energy.  Ask those who know I spend 3-6 hours a day focused on my VO business, and they’ll tell you it’s brought out a new “Dave”.  Why? 

Honestly, the VO busyness has led me to you… and all those VO “you’s” have blessed me mightily.




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