by | Oct 9, 2009 | Writing

fountain penThis week, I did considerably more writing than voicing.  I didn’t get paid a penny for either, especially the writing…but all is not lost.

Yes, I’m gonna hafta examine my time priorities, but I’m a little drunk on the elixer of reward.  Even after 30 years of composing, proofreading, and editing broadcast news stories, I never really thought of myself as a professional writer.  Now people are noticing.

Blogging is the reason.  You know what they say about the hardest task in writing, is making yourself sit down to compose? It’s true.  Last year, when I set a goal of blogging once a day, no exceptions, I had no idea the dividends it would bring to my writing skills.

I’ve often preached here about the need for voice actors  to have options in as many other money-making endeavours as is possible.  Now I’m thinking about writing to augment my bottom line.  Yesterday, I answered the call from the Mashable website for author/contributors.  The only criteria I did NOT meet was that of having published to a Technorati Top-100 blogsite.  I hope they won’t overlook the Emmy I have sitting on my bookcase.  I’ll let you know what they say, if anything.

In the meantime, it’s back to the studio for auditioning.  Writing is fun, and creative, and fulfilling, but I just enjoy voice-acting too much, to ever let it languish very long.




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