Rast ich, so rost ich

by | Jul 23, 2008 | Training/Education

Back at the University of Illinois in 1975, a curmudgeonly professor once gave us that old German proverb:  “Rast ich, so rost ich”  When I rest, I rust.

A work in progress.  Even Bob Bergen, Pat Fraley and Deirdre Cooper continue to work at their craft every day (I’ll wager).

Coaching…challenging yourself to find your faults…to push the envelope…to take a stark, fair assessment of where you are and where you want to be is just smart business.

Honestly, my pride gets in the way of that…but I swallowed some humble pie, and launched into an hour-long phone session with Nancy Wolfson Tuesday.

Can I say “intimidating”? 

I mean… I’m no youngster.  I’ve been around the block…had my share of competition.  I’m seasoned.  But Nancy just seems to have this mystique in the minds of many voice actors.  I AM a relative voice-acting newbie.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  She might just crush my frail male ego…laugh at my demo, or belittle my pipes.

S’all good.  An hour never went so fast.  She’s engaging, perceptive, aware, fun – yet business-like, and challenging. 

Will doing more sessions with her change my voice acting career?  Unsure…but that’s the hope, and so far I have no reason to think otherwise.

Does she make me want to be better?  Without a doubt.

Is she the real deal?…or just another Hollywood hype-meister?  OK, maybe there’s a little valley-girl in there somewhere.  I used to live in SoCal.  I understand you need someone who’s been in the mix to help you with some juice.  If she can open a portal for me to some of that culture…I’m all for it.

Is it money well-spent?  Ah…now…there’s the biggie!  That question is so burdened with subjective and perceived value that it’s impossible to answer for anyone else but you…me…uh…the person paying the bucks.  For me, I’m gonna say YES.

I will say I’m not that big on phone sessions, yet it’s probably appropriate to get some basics out of the way at first.  Luckily, I live close enough to LA, that I can and will have some one-on-one time with Wolfson, and that’s important at some point.

So, it turns out that July/August will be a training period in my VO career.  A full 5-day weekend at VOICE, and a one-on-one with Wolfson.  Life is good! 

I’m not getting a lot of rest….so I KNOW I’m not gonna rust.




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