FaceBook Cover VIDEO

Facebook is tweaking and adding features again (aren’t they always?), but this newest one really makes sense. Here’s how to use it.

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Must See YT: Sheppard/Daniel

Are there two people who you would count on more to tell it like it is than Terry Daniel and Erik Sheppard? I think not. 17 mins well spent on the VDC-VoiceBank deal.

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Video Validation

Video. How long have I been harping on this? I’d like to think I was ahead of my time 37 years ago, and now that video is the de facto online communication standard, my ship has come in.

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Rubber and Road

You think it's easy over here to just sit back on my blog every day and pontificate about what YOU should be doing with your voiceover business?   Well, actually, putting my admonitions down in words like this -- for all the world to see -- makes ME accountable too...and spurs me to follow my own...

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Learning the Tools

Guilty.  'So guilty of my failure to take the time to read the manual, go to the FAQ, utilize the help files. I'm arrogant enough to expect every device, all software, and most online platforms to be so intuitive that I really don't have to "waste" time to learn all it can do. Because of this, I'm...

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Giroptic iO 360°

For two years or more, I've been beating the drum about the use of pictures; still pictures, moving pictures, pictures on social media, and pictures in your marketing. It's easy for us in the business of audio to overlook the important of video...but it's hot.  Red hot.  Don't believe video is...

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