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Audiobook narrating is not for the faint of heart… or for quitters.

Long-form projects like an audiobook require not only acting chops, but a true dedication to the craft, with the discipline to carry it out over many days, and long hours in the studio.

I’ve narrated almost 50 titles.  You can find my work on, and  Just search for my name:  I’ve even narrated my OWN book.  I’m an Audible-Approved producer on the Audiobook Creation Exchange website, and do my own quality control and mastering.

My audiobook narrating accomplishments include fiction, non-fiction, action, mystery, science fiction, religious, biographies, history, how-to, business,short-story, and several different dialects.

For rate quotes, or to discuss your literary project with me, please call at 702-610-6288 or write me at .


If you are ready or have questions, please reach out.


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