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Connect Openly

Regular blog readers here will recognize my message:  ConnectionOpen is the bomb. Zero latency.  Does not require a Chrome (or any) browser.  Easy to install.  Intuitive. Fairly-priced.

I could go on…in fact I do in the video below.

I’m not the audio engineer John McClain (a fellow Las Vegas) is.  Nor am I the accomplished LA voiceactor that Dave Fennoy is.  Both have spoken eloquently about the technical side of ConnectionOpen. And they’re spot-on.

No, ConnectionOpen (so far) doesn’t have the brand recognition of some other ISDN-replacement offerings, and maybe it won’t fit perfectly into some VO workflows for whatever-reason-I-can’t-comprehend…but ConnectionOpen is everything it claims to be, and probably more.

I know this, because I’ve been along for the software development ride for years with founder Randy Morrison — a former Las Vegan, and an awesome Dave Fennoy-style voice actor in his own right.  I wax eloquent about that in the video below.

This is a great remote voiceover connection solution devised BY a voiceover guy Click To Tweet

How Morrison ever held onto his sanity throughout this process for the last several years, I’ll never know… but we are all the beneficiaries.  Pricing is righteous, and the best thing you can do right now is to pass along the good news to your clients, and all the audio producers you know.

This is a great voiceover connection solution devised BY a voiceover guy.




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  1. Lawrence D. Morrison (@TauisT3K)

    Your quote should read “This is a great remote voiceover connection solution ASSISTED in the creation, a voiceover guy.” The idea, layout, technologies (Mostly) and basic design came from the “other” Morrison brother. Not taking anything away from Randy. He did stick with the company far longer than I did. Not that I did not want too, but rather ConnectionOpen is FAR better off with one Morrison brother at a time.


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