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Our short-attention-span culture (and getting shorter), loves the infographic.  An easy-to-digest all-around summary of a particular topic in an eye-catching presentation.

I’m not saying the info is usually wrong, it’s just too simplified.  In other words, it’s usually more complicated than that, and the info always leaves me wanting more.

Nonetheless, if you can glean one or two good crumbs from an infographic, I suppose it’s worth all of the 30-seconds it takes to peruse.

In that spirit, I’m embedding below three infographics I found recently that I hope kick-starts some ideas for your VoiceOver business in terms of marketing, social media, and visual content.

I found them on Pinterest.  Yes, Pinterest.  There’s actually more… many more where these came from. 

Click on the image to see it better.  Happy infographing!




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  1. Howard Ellison

    Best infographic I ever saw, aside from some wonderful sketch-animations of recent times, was felt-penned on a card two feet square. It graced the wall of a small voluntary organisation.

    Around the edge it labelled elements of civil society – universities, primary schools, political reps, police, fire, news organisations, museums, hospitals, businesses etc etc. These were coupled by action arrows showing how they integrated and talked with one another (if they did!).

    The master stroke was to put the little voluntary organisation and its team in the centre and to join that with the rest. People coming in – chiefly volunteers – strongly related to that infographic, could see how what they did for the love of it was an essential part of all the rest.


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