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by | Dec 19, 2016 | Video, VO Business

What’s the saying?…the best camera for taking a great picture is the camera you have with you?  Well, the same is true of video.

I’ll wager 98% of the people reading these words right now have a camera/video camera within their reach:  the smartphone.

For years, I’ve been beating the drum about the use of video in today’s digital world and for your VO marketing.  Every metric you read about successful social media these days stresses the use of video in:

  • being noticed
  • marketing your business
  • telling better stories
  • meeting expectations of your audience
  • explaining you and your work

For a business that has the saying “…I have a face for radio…” in the community consciousness, I understand the reluctance of voice-actors to be on video.  Heck, I have a hard time overcoming objections from voice actors about including a headshot on their website!

I’ve been on TV for more than 35 years, and even *I* have had a hard time getting going with a 2015 (!) New Year’s Resolution written in blood on my forehead:  VIDEO VIDEO VIDEO!

But I came across a sage bit of advice from social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk the other day that not only made total sense, but also appealed to the journalist in me.  With video vignettes don’t feel you have to entertain, just document (report) what you see. (paraphrased)

Case in point:  Sunday, I took my truck through the car wash, and decided to try Instagram’s new “live” video feature.  As soon as you go live, Instagram reports that event to the folks who are following you.  Here I am sitting in my truck, with nothing but suds, brushes, and lots of water to shoot, and within a few seconds, I had five people watching, and a couple of them were commenting.  I’d show it to you here, but Instagram’s policy for “live” videos is that they get erased immediately (a la SnapChat).  FaceBook LiveStream videos stay on your page.

Video cameras, devices, editing, lenses, etc. are ALL getting less and less expensive.  Your video does not have to be worthy of  ESPN.  Just think how many videos on social media (esp. YouTube), that you watch (without even thinking about it), that are grainy, low-light, off-center, shaky, and the audio is bad. 

People will watch.

To prove my point, see the following video.  It has no selling point…is done in one take, off the cuff, with so-so lighting, hand-held, using a smartphone, and with me in my PJ’s (not to mention my holiday weight)…and I’m guessing dollars to donuts, you’ll watch the whole thing through from start to finish.

See?  Not too tough. Just think what a person could do who planned/rehearsed/composed-the-shot/had a REAL message/shared it in the right places?

The best video camera is the one you have with you. Jump into this medium – and stop making excuses. Use it to your advantage.  Don’t be afraid to share YOU.  After all, YOU is what your client is getting.  Would it be awful for them to know you/trust you more?




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