searchingWe get myopic after a while.  Jaded. 

We see everything through our own filter. WE know what voice-acting and voiceovers is all about…but does everybody ELSE really get it? 

How often do you find yourself explaining to a new client why you’re charging “so much”.  Aren’t you just “talking“?!!!  ‘Find yourself rolling your eyes at that comment?

Glimpses from the “other” side come through once in a while.  Freelancers, bloggers, companies, HR people, and B2B proponents occasionally write through THEIR filter of why you might need a professional voiceover…what that looks like…how much it costs…and where to find a voiceover talent. 

Such a write-up is revealing. Take a moment to read the article I found on the site.  It’s titled: HOW TO PLAN THE PERFECT VOICE OVER FOR YOUR VIDEO. Read it with the following challenges in mind:

  • does this change the way you choose keywords?
  • are your marketing efforts targeting the right audience?
  • how can you make their misconceptions work for you?
  • will you change the way you talk to new clients?
  • do you have a prepared argument for justifying your price?

I found it revealing that there was only one comment to the article, and that person finds talent at The VoiceRealm (of course, I HAD to comment, myself).

Clearly the article falls short of making suggestions for finding a decent voice-actor.  But is that their fault?  Where IS a good place to find a voice-actor?

Uh…how ’bout YOU find THEM!!