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by | Aug 4, 2015 | VO Business | 2 comments

This AdAge article perfectly encapsulates the challenges facing us as voice actors fighting for a decent scale.




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  1. Taylor Stonely

    As a non-union voice talent, I appreciate the work that SAG-AFTRA has done to support a living wage for their members, as well as their continued efforts to ensure that those rates are understood and respected by those that hire voice over actors.

    However, the market is changing. Technology is evolving faster than most can anticipate, and entrants (like myself) are competing against established VO actors who have both the advantage of ongoing relationships with production companies as well as the experience with performing behind the mic. Sometimes the only card that we newbies have is that we might accept a job at a lesser rate in order to gain that experience.

    Is that wrong? I think that depends on the perspective of who you are asking. If you ask an established talent if they would accept a VO job that is significantly below the established union rates, they most likely would not for a variety of reasons, i.e. protection of their own brand, respect for the profession, support for their fellow actors, etc. Those are valid reasons for sure, but how would someone who has bills to pay, who wants to start receiving a return on their significant investment of time and money, and who isn’t getting the attention of the decision makers, supposed to act? We live in a world where we crave any opportunity that comes along because that might just be the break that we need that cuts through the competition and allows us to rise to the top.

    This is a fair and healthy debate that we need to have, and we need to continue to educate people on the consequences of their actions. Being too rigid with our rates to the detriment of our individual pocketbooks vs. being too mushy and lacking a spine with our rates to the detriment of our overall transition from hobby to career. This discussion needs to continue, and I applaud those that engage in this ongoing effort to find the correct balance.

    • CourVO


      This is as good a summary of the quandary before us as I’ve read anywhere. Thanks for being clear-headed and succinct in your observations. This is why WoVO cannot be the police or judge ‘n’ jury. Education is the best route. That’s all we seek… is a decision that’s based on consideration of the facts and your needs.

      I appreciate your reading my blog and replying!


      Dave Courvoisier


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