Canadian/Spanish Connection

by | Feb 27, 2015 | Uncategorized

canada-mexicoWhy are there Mexican restaurants, but no Canadian restaurants? 

While you ponder that, please pass along the message in this blog to your Spanish-speaking VO friends.  I chose not to send this to individuals, ’cause I have just too many voice-actor friends who do Spanish, and I wanted to be egalitarian about it.

My friend and Calgary-based voice-actor Paul Boucher is putting out this call:

“Hi VO pros. A good eLearning client of mine here in Canada is looking for Spanish VO talent. They’re used to paying decent rates – but of course, the exchange between the CDN and US dollars are killing them right now. In any case, please message me here via Google+, include your name, link to a demo and two contact points (email and phone, agent as a third option). I’ll share that with the client and when they have a project, they’ll get in touch.”

To reply to Paul, go to his Google+ page:

If you wouldn’t mine, please tell Paul you saw it here on CourVO’s blog.

Thanks, and have a wonderful weekend!




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