How MTJAV Came to Be

by | Jul 17, 2014 | VO Business | 0 comments

ThisIsItMTJAV-FRONT-smallerFor the last 10 months-or-so, I just got tired of writing “More Than Just a Voice” in all the preparation materials as I communicated back-n-forth with my Virtual Assistant Diana Soloman.  “MTJAV” became my standard acronym abbreviation for the book (Americans love their shorthand!).

The story of how this book came to be originates in the years of writing my blog, of course, but it also stems from the misrepresentation of Voice Acting in the greater culture.  The fact that we get little understanding or respect is a given.  But the misconception that voice acting is “just talking” particularly rankles me.  Just like photography is “just taking pics”, or graphic artistry is “just drawing”.

As part of the book promotion, I devised the video below to explain genesis of the book in my own words.  Feel free to re-purpose as you see fit.  I hope the message makes clear the meaning of “More Than Just A Voice” when referring to the challenges of voice-acting.




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