“NOW” Pricing Becoming Clearer

by | May 9, 2014 | VO Community | 2 comments

Source_Elements_Logo-ConvertedA Friday email from Source-Connect’s Rebekah Wilson revealed some new details about the pricing the company has been alluding to for a couple of weeks.

Early next week, the company will be announcing final pricing, but here’s what they are willing to say at this point:

“..all accounts will be able to connect two people at broadcast-quality, 128 kbps – for free.  For premium features, pricing will start as low as $8 per month, with a middle tier around $24 a month.  There is no need to purchase additional links: Guest accounts are always free…

Clearly Source-Elements is seeking a price point in this new ISDN-replacement marketplace that is not only competitive, but offers the best value for voice-talent.

Neither player in this charged atmosphere seems willing to blink…yet.

Until next week!





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  1. Karen DeBoer

    Hi Dave,

    I have thought about Source Connect but don’t know how it compares to ISDN? I know it is less expensive, but do you know if it performs as well as ISDN (I heard it can have a slight delay when real-time recording), and do people who want talent to have ISDN accept Source Connect in its place?

    I also know there is IdPDL (is that correct?) that is now being talked-about, but again, I am not too up on how that works.

    I’m not a techie, just a VO gal that is grateful for folks like you that can help folks like me:-)

    Thank you!

    • CourVO


      So much has been made of this issue lately, that you could spend hours reading up on it. Nothing really compares to ISDN in reliability, cost (lots more!), or legacy. But it’s going to go away eventually. That’s why solutions are popping up all over the place, and they’re all IP-based solutions. That comes with its own set of challenges, but generally it’s much more affordable, and in some cases even higher-quality than ISDN. The delay is negligible in most instances.

      The challenge is: getting producers, audio engineers, and production houses to buy into the idea of the new alternatives. It’s generally-accepted that they won’t do that, until the TelCos pull the ISDN lines out of their walls for good…and who knows when that will happen?

      Thanks for visiting!

      Dave Courvoisier


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