“NOW” Pricing Becoming Clearer

by | May 9, 2014 | VO Community

Source_Elements_Logo-ConvertedA Friday email from Source-Connect’s Rebekah Wilson revealed some new details about the pricing the company has been alluding to for a couple of weeks.

Early next week, the company will be announcing final pricing, but here’s what they are willing to say at this point:

“..all accounts will be able to connect two people at broadcast-quality, 128 kbps – for free.  For premium features, pricing will start as low as $8 per month, with a middle tier around $24 a month.  There is no need to purchase additional links: Guest accounts are always free…

Clearly Source-Elements is seeking a price point in this new ISDN-replacement marketplace that is not only competitive, but offers the best value for voice-talent.

Neither player in this charged atmosphere seems willing to blink…yet.

Until next week!





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