3 Reasons to Distrust Any VO Blog With a Number in the Title

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bigstock_Blogging_On_A_Laptop_Computer_3991852Why?  Because it’s a manipulative device to get you to read it!  That’s the #1 reason.  You don’t want to be manipulated do you?  Virtually every arrow4last blog about and for bloggers mentions this magic formula.  I’m sure there’s some psychological reason behind it…so let me ask you…why did you read this blog after seeing the title?  (BTW, be sure to read all the way to the bottom for an important message).

REASON #2  We’re all on sensory overload, and trained to absorb information in tiny tidbits these days.  Twitter comes to mind: 140 characters.  Texting.  Email threads.  No room for lengthy diatribes here. But:  3 Reasons?  Sounds simple.  Sure, I have time for that.

REASON #3  It’s merely a veiled attempt by blog authors to grow their field of readers.  We’re all trained in the Social Media world to keep metrics on everything we do…you know…to prove Return on Investment (ROI), and to honor the American obsession with statistics.  The more readers, the more successful your blog.  There are other measurements too:  click-throughs, unique readers, visits, views, longevity on the page, how many pages viewed, and on and on.

[This is all tongue-in-cheek.  I hope you saw that.  I like writing blogs with numbers in the title.  They work, and they often ARE easy to digest.  Numbered lists are easier to write, too.]

Congratulations Paul!

The other day my VO and blogger friend Paul Strikwerda wrote about a milestone he reached in taking stock of  his blogging metrics.  5,000 subscribers.  Cool!  I love Paul’s blog, and when he’s successful, we all are.arrow4  His celebration came at a time when I was suffering a loss of every single one of my subscribers.  Ouch!

Starting at Square One Again

Why?  Well, you’ve no doubt noticed my new responsive and integrated commercial/blog website.  I’ve toiled long and hard (along with my web consultant) to make this happen.  In the process, though, the link I had with my subscriber/RSS feed provider — FeedBurner — was broken.

Google bought FeedBurner many months ago, and while it was an awesome product on its own, it’s been in decline ever since the acquisition.  Google hasn’t shuttered the service, but they are not supporting it either…which means it’s slowly degrading.

Many of my loyal subscribers noticed my blog absence in their mailbox, and wrote to tell me so.  Thank you!  Now I’m back up and running, with a whole new subscription engine based on my WordPress theme, and I hope you’ve either rec’d a notice from me by newsletter, or you’ve read to the bottom of this blog to click on my new subscription link.

Regardless whether you’ve received my blog before by email or RSS,
you need to re-subscrib


You can re-subscribe by (1) entering your email, and clicking on “subscribe”, or by (2) clicking on the RSS feed icon.
You can do either of those things by visiting the very top right corner of this page.

I’ve also set up a special subscription page on my blog for doing this very re-subscription thing.  Here’s the link:


For those techy people who really understand this stuff, my new feed is:  https://courvo.com/feed.  Pretty simple, eh?

Please remember to do this, so it’s worth it for me to write more blogs with numbers in the title!  🙂




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