soundstreakActually, they’ve ALWAYS been serious, they’re just doing what we all should do.  Charge what we’re worth.

As a package, SoundStreak is an incredible bargain for talent.  The voice-actor end of the software connection is free.  Much like the ISDN paradigm they hope to replace, SoundStreak is putting the lion’s share of the cost for this service on the production side (the studio).

Founder and CEO Dan Caligor has given me unprecedented access to the goings-on at SoundStreak over the last year-and-a-half.  I’ve never seen any developer/businessman more in earnest about doing his homework, considering all angles, and working hard to provide a fair deal to any and every participant in the SoundStreak product.  There are things in the works for the future that will benefit your VO business, and you’ll just have to trust me on that.  As I said, Caligor doesn’t miss a trick, and there are lots of tricks ahead for SoundStreak.

Although SoundStreak has been free to all comers since coming out of Beta, now is the time for this studio-quality remote internet recording solution to enter the marketplace as a player.  The product is refined to a point of undeniable value to the voice-over community, and the grace period is up.

SoundStreak sent out a notice this week, and you can read the text below in blue.  To re-cap any number of articles I’ve written about SoundStreak over the last year, just enter the term “SoundStreak” in the search box at the top right of the blog homepage.  Visit the SoundStreak website for a lot more information, and while you’re there, take a listen to their video tutorials.  Man!…whoever voiced those videos is some voice-actor!


This Friday, November 1, we are turning on billing and rolling out all-new pricing.

SoundStreak’s “Better Than Free” promotion ends at midnight EST this Thursday, so hurry and get in a few more free sessions and earn additional 30% off coupons! After we turn on billing, Production users will need a credit card on file in order to start a session. You will be billed only for the sessions you do as Production — there are no fees or minimums, and no charges for Talent. 

Over the past few months, the SoundStreak community has been essential in helping us to improve our service and software. The community also gave us feedback on pricing, and we listened. To see our all-new pricing, please visit

We continue to welcome your input.  Please share your questions, opinions, and ideas with us at [email protected].